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Lightning Eyes

Thunder Storm over Crayford

Image by Destinys Agent via Flickr

Eyes,  like thunder,

Stormy  skies in mid-day during summer,

Lightning striking  and glowing  at night,

Thunder Storm over Crayford

Image by Destinys Agent via Flickr

I was surprised by   your intelligence, and how bright you were,

But, now I know…..

I liked you, after a shaky foundation that swayed back and forth first,

Under the constant barrage of a mother’s uncomfortable feet,

As she marched herself to and fro…rocking with the sea…flow,

Family life,  like an earthquake ..happens so fast and hard to predict,

But,  as  sure as  the nights  fall  when  the

Day dies,  will  break apart and  split.




There’s a way of saying words so that they go in this,

Ma’am,  I am well aware of what you mean,

You are saying something and meaning something else…

The opposite of what you really mean, is sarcasm, often times..

Why would  you ?    I don’t see Y?  No, idiot…

I don’t even care if you see  T or Z,

Because I   C you, very seriously,

Need to stop being sarcastic with me,

Are we clear yet, or do you  need your nerd glasses?

Sarcasm is used by folks like U and I,

Who enjoy using meanings and sounds of words or letters from the alphabet,  uncommonly,

You’re  so smart, you would think sarcasm was about the alphabet….

Yes, I know,   sure…smart aren’t I?

As if this were about the alphabet;  you probably know how to pronounce it correctly then , too!

Wouldn’t you know,  I can say it too!   It, 2!

Wow ..Sarcastically, you are a lot smarter than you look,

Oh, I’m sorry…You got my name wrong,

It isn’t   “Sarcastically”.

It is “Sarcasm. “