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If you like breathing air and drinking water…well, you have to read this!

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Desktop Environments And The Letter K Stands For…

The letter K?….K is usually silent.
Knife starts with a k;   knave starts with it too.

Look it up , it is like a low-life thief or  “bloody”  knave;  a thug.

Kerosene, I just found out, does not start with a “C”.

The “K.D. E.” ( I WONDER WHAT THAT STANDS FOR?)… KDE DESKTOP ENVIRONMENT;  I wonder what that “K” stands for?   (It might be someone’s name.)

We use it on our computer,

“KDE” is more complex and fancy than Gnome, in my opinion,

They are “desktop” environments.

Each environment has its own themes, it’s own widgets, and its unique image that it Portrays to you,

Depending which operational system you use, things are in different places on the menus, some are easier to access for you than others,

You hover over one item and that menu pops up, one little bit at a time;   in  Open SUSE, an operational system (sponsored) by Novelle,

Right now I am in Ubuntu, which is the latest one my nerdy boyfriend is working on,

How you relate to your computer and how it relates to you…..


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Giving Up Is Not ME!

I quit my job a week from last Saturday.
I had to, or so it seemed.
I am bad with directions and got lost..

I seemed to be a pest when I asked for assistance.
No sympathy for me.
Later I was told that I had been fired.
Not true at all!! I honestly quit.

To end a long story, and make it short…I have to find a new job today.
I am not exactly thrilled or excited about it.

So I am going to cease writing for now..
I have to get away from my blog.
To start another awful search, for another awful job.

I would much rather have kept that last job to begin with.
It was great, except for the ex-in charge of me, guy.

Voicemails, ….shhhh I am listening to them.

That is one I just got,

For another job offer.



There’s a way of saying words so that they go in this,

Ma’am,  I am well aware of what you mean,

You are saying something and meaning something else…

The opposite of what you really mean, is sarcasm, often times..

Why would  you ?    I don’t see Y?  No, idiot…

I don’t even care if you see  T or Z,

Because I   C you, very seriously,

Need to stop being sarcastic with me,

Are we clear yet, or do you  need your nerd glasses?

Sarcasm is used by folks like U and I,

Who enjoy using meanings and sounds of words or letters from the alphabet,  uncommonly,

You’re  so smart, you would think sarcasm was about the alphabet….

Yes, I know,   sure…smart aren’t I?

As if this were about the alphabet;  you probably know how to pronounce it correctly then , too!

Wouldn’t you know,  I can say it too!   It, 2!

Wow ..Sarcastically, you are a lot smarter than you look,

Oh, I’m sorry…You got my name wrong,

It isn’t   “Sarcastically”.

It is “Sarcasm. “

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Sharing Sharon’s Outlook

Mom, your feelings as a mother, as a good woman who,

Loves all three of her kids..exactly as much as YOU SAY  you DO,

Through the seasons of the year…

You always brings joy and cheer,

Your presence is pure, it is essentially her,

Within her this  vitality glows… shows

The goodness expressed everywhere she goes,

If you want to see just what I am sharing with you, just look at my brothers,

And look at me, too,

The children she had are lucky  to be hers,

So even  if we each,

Act differently ….it is clear,

God blessed our family

Because whatever we were GOING to do,

Surrounded with the most aesthetically pleasing atmosphere

And always to  follow her around…angels were,

In the atmosphere there were…

When she was with us, one could always be sure-

Beautiful things that  could  be seen and heard,

BecAUSE SHE  is a precious force anyone who knows her will agree,

Overflowing with light, and life, and love, for everybody,



SHE Gives away..abundantly




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In Therapy

May I please have some therapy?

A family tree of well adapted ancestry,

There is no such thing as a perfect family, of course, LOL!

Objectivity, striving for perfection can be healthy for others, it isn’t for me, anyway…

Concrete goals organized like a teacher’s yearly lesson plans,

Will the Principal  see, to determine how qualified  to teach the class , you will be?

Not likely for a tempsub, or tempteacher…kids get the better of soooo easily,

Students who are less …far less….. interested in felicity,

As their tempteachers …that’s me…. seem too be…

By the end of the year, the month, or the end of the week, over the weekend,learning each level of mastery, or something.

Without me..Thank GOD!

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Opbjch, Opbjch , Opbjch!

Opjch, Objch!   Opjch!

Loud Squeek’s   original  slang….

A.K.A. Sozgot, it has a catchy sound,

Son Of   ZEUS,-God of Thunder,

I wanted it to be Thor from Norwegien folklore,

But he liked the Greek mythos S.O.Z.G.O.T. more,

Son Of Zues…God of Thunder*, (*S O Z G O T )

Aden, wasn’t it? Adan or Aden, was the  Son of Zues?
(Odon…is correct, not Adan,,,Oden..)

No. that was not the son of Zues,

Oden was the father of Thor,

I watched the movie that was just released,

Zues is from Greek mythology  and  Thor was a Viking,

Ishytara,   that’s another catchy name I  thought would sound cool,

I wanted it to be Ishytara…not Fishytara!

Fishy! Fishy!

E-String, don’t call me Late For Dinner,

Or I am calling you Big Ugly,

And myself Little Pretty!

That’s okay,we broke all our mirrors,

Because we  are BOTH so UGLY-UAL (Nirvana tune).

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Who Is She? HAHA

She is a premier  writer to read the blogs of, according to her.

I agree, since she is me,

Her work is perhaps,  some of the most sentimental and  meaningful ,

Writing she will ever read.

It must be worth it, then, for her to write.

Maybe there is someone like her, besides me,

Who is  having as much fun , or more,  fun as  she…..

While I am talking to myself,  I mean you,

As if  I am a few people instead of just one.

And it’s fun!!