Slutty Bucci With Boobies AND Breasties

If you like breathing air and drinking water…well, you have to read this!

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Be afraid, it is  a bitch…… mad at somebody,

I want to remind everybody, I am stronger, younger, smarter than my enemies,

The bitch who thinks she is better at being one than me?  You only wish you were as cool as I am…

You cannot yell louder, or do “worser” things to me,

Than I did, or should, have done a long time ago, perhaps, unquestionably  to you, ….as if it were that easy!

You may stew over and boil mentally like  a burning hot flame that doesn’t go out, that burns you up inside and fills you with a desire to devastate…

The obstacles you  fear will be standing in your way, growing bigger and bigger inside of you everyday,

There is a volatile volcano that is your beating heart,

You see yourself reflected back at,

Nothing;  an image  not seen,  just hidden from sight,

A  raging, territorial , vengeance and self-promoting

Evil-Good-doer  from somewhere I don’t want ever to hear the sounds of.


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Listen to what? I just heard the word listen, I didn’t hear anything else,

That sucks if I missed something!

I have too much to listen to anyway, maybe,

I don’t even want to hear most of it, unless…

I choose selective hearing…like this,

For example, to the special guy to me, who doesn’t answer my texts anymore or appreciate his past good times with me as much

As do I ,   I have no idea why,

Except for the way I looked when he saw me last, temporarily yuck…..from my helicopter being shot down, I was still recovering…and he thought it was permanent..

I shoulda spoke up about my face…but, I never thought it would turn him off forever..

I knew it was getting better, and my hand, was getting fully recovered forever…yayayayayayayay,

Too, if only he woulda stuck around to see, I am not ugly, and he can “love” me again…

I did text him about it…but, when I was desperate for him to see my situation was _______, and for him to stick around after what I had been through….he was the light at the end of the tunnel…I knew.. and would make it that much more more worth the awful, ______ pain and the fight…that I was forced against my will and without my consent… to suffer   through, because of them,

By people I wish I had never had the terrible fate to come in contact with one fateful day…again!

For something heinous that they had planned to do …to protect themselves…they must have thought after giving me the “wrong” ______ weeks before..apparently,

After three previous occassions to see them at that God-forsaken place…now closed down…

Look where that got me?   He acts like he doesn’t know me, OMG!!!  I cannot  spell  it  out,  or  the  “world”  will just be worse for the bad thing that happened intentionally to me, that I do not need to brag about, okay?

At least, I  survived, out of my determination and acceptance that it would be   difficult for years…to go through mental and physical pain…for a bunch of bullshit that I did not deserve…nobody deserved…on this earth or in HELL..

I say this…for fun…not really to him ever tho’, only to myself..and here on this website,

“What did you say, I thought so! I love you too, sweetheart, you’re the best!”

I laugh thinking of things to say to him like this!

I don’t listen to him, I guess,

And so we both have a common character trait, it seems.

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Lots of images come to mind,   I recall,

Feelings sometimes,  not surprisingly,  I cannot see,  but I   can contemplate,

In lots of  ways……

Picking and choosing which ones of them to want to make come true,

Depending  on  how much negativity  there  may   be,

Keeping some…leaving others,

Losing, the ones I have no choice

Whatsoever…but to let go of….thanks to limitations and negativity from outside of me,

That I cannot quite understand ,  feel, or see,

I can only hope not to let it bother  me, or effect me negatively,

In exactly the same way more than once ,

Upon discovering it was so much of a struggle for me to overcome,  in the first place.

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Unky Dunky

Thunder Storm over Crayford

Image by Destinys Agent via Flickr

Eyes,  like thunder,

Stormy  skies in mid-day during summer,

Lightning striking  and glowing  at night,

Thunder Storm over Crayford

Image by Destinys Agent via Flickr

I was surprised by   your intelligence, and how bright you were,

But, now I know…..

I liked you, after a shaky foundation that swayed back and forth first,

Under the constant barrage of a mother’s uncomfortable feet,

As she marched herself to and fro…rocking with the sea…flow,

Family life,  like an earthquake ..happens so fast and hard to predict,

But,  as  sure as  the nights  fall  when  the

Day dies,  will  break apart and  split.

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Found panty model.

Image by hfabulous via Flickr

Clean clothes are fresh and smell nice,

Clean teeth  do too,  so don’t forget it is important  that you,

Clean  your teeth when you are through; chewing your food,

Clean teeth  don’t rot, are strong and last a long time,

Clean gums do too,

Clean underwear smell better than dirty ones do,

Clean furniture, clean shoes, clean words, coming from your mouth, perhaps,

If you are familiar with these things, I don’t know,

But, if  you have ever seen or heard of them,   you may also  think that ….

Clean things are nicer than dirty things,  and, clean words sound nicer, too,  than, perhaps

Dirty words do.

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No More Sex Life

By the age of forty when youth is supposed to be passing you by,

When you are happy you are still alive,

When you still haven’t  gotten married and haven’t had any  kids,

The age of forty is when you finally are old enough to accept,  now, more than ever,  that what you have kept over the years, is worth more to you every day…

And what is gone, was not worth as much as you perhaps, would have liked….

By the age of forty, you look around at this world and your life and think …in life,  it   isn’t sex,

Or what you like to do, that  counts the most…..

It is love….from God,

By the age of forty, when you this, and you that, and you do, and don’t, and you get up every day and somehow, you are the same incredible, single, childless,  person;

With more time ahead of you than , hopefully the forty+  plus years you have already survived,

Or, more time than the time you have left behind,

To enjoy your life.