Slutty Bucci With Boobies AND Breasties

If you like breathing air and drinking water…well, you have to read this!


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Be afraid, it is  a bitch…… mad at somebody,

I want to remind everybody, I am stronger, younger, smarter than my enemies,

The bitch who thinks she is better at being one than me?  You only wish you were as cool as I am…

You cannot yell louder, or do “worser” things to me,

Than I did, or should, have done a long time ago, perhaps, unquestionably  to you, ….as if it were that easy!

You may stew over and boil mentally like  a burning hot flame that doesn’t go out, that burns you up inside and fills you with a desire to devastate…

The obstacles you  fear will be standing in your way, growing bigger and bigger inside of you everyday,

There is a volatile volcano that is your beating heart,

You see yourself reflected back at,

Nothing;  an image  not seen,  just hidden from sight,

A  raging, territorial , vengeance and self-promoting

Evil-Good-doer  from somewhere I don’t want ever to hear the sounds of.


Author: Felicia Tihista

Die or live? If I love you and you love me, we die in love. If you do not love me and I do not love you, we live to die without love. The ones you love the most are dead and you won't forget they were alive. When this world is is gone forever. This world is not as beautiful a place as dreams are. You have to remember that you are loved even if you have no one here to share it with, who love you until it is done. Finished. All over with.

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