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Desktop Environments And The Letter K Stands For…

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The letter K?….K is usually silent.
Knife starts with a k;   knave starts with it too.

Look it up , it is like a low-life thief or  “bloody”  knave;  a thug.

Kerosene, I just found out, does not start with a “C”.

The “K.D. E.” ( I WONDER WHAT THAT STANDS FOR?)… KDE DESKTOP ENVIRONMENT;  I wonder what that “K” stands for?   (It might be someone’s name.)

We use it on our computer,

“KDE” is more complex and fancy than Gnome, in my opinion,

They are “desktop” environments.

Each environment has its own themes, it’s own widgets, and its unique image that it Portrays to you,

Depending which operational system you use, things are in different places on the menus, some are easier to access for you than others,

You hover over one item and that menu pops up, one little bit at a time;   in  Open SUSE, an operational system (sponsored) by Novelle,

Right now I am in Ubuntu, which is the latest one my nerdy boyfriend is working on,

How you relate to your computer and how it relates to you…..


Author: Felicia Tihista

Die or live? If I love you and you love me, we die in love. If you do not love me and I do not love you, we live to die without love. The ones you love the most are dead and you won't forget they were alive. When this world is is gone forever. This world is not as beautiful a place as dreams are. You have to remember that you are loved even if you have no one here to share it with, who love you until it is done. Finished. All over with.

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