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If you like breathing air and drinking water…well, you have to read this!

No More Sex Life

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By the age of forty when youth is supposed to be passing you by,

When you are happy you are still alive,

When you still haven’t  gotten married and haven’t had any  kids,

The age of forty is when you finally are old enough to accept,  now, more than ever,  that what you have kept over the years, is worth more to you every day…

And what is gone, was not worth as much as you perhaps, would have liked….

By the age of forty, you look around at this world and your life and think …in life,  it   isn’t sex,

Or what you like to do, that  counts the most…..

It is love….from God,

By the age of forty, when you this, and you that, and you do, and don’t, and you get up every day and somehow, you are the same incredible, single, childless,  person;

With more time ahead of you than , hopefully the forty+  plus years you have already survived,

Or, more time than the time you have left behind,

To enjoy your life.


Author: Felicia Tihista

Die or live? If I love you and you love me, we die in love. If you do not love me and I do not love you, we live to die without love. The ones you love the most are dead and you won't forget they were alive. When this world is is gone forever. This world is not as beautiful a place as dreams are. You have to remember that you are loved even if you have no one here to share it with, who love you until it is done. Finished. All over with.

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