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Giving Up Is Not ME!

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I quit my job a week from last Saturday.
I had to, or so it seemed.
I am bad with directions and got lost..

I seemed to be a pest when I asked for assistance.
No sympathy for me.
Later I was told that I had been fired.
Not true at all!! I honestly quit.

To end a long story, and make it short…I have to find a new job today.
I am not exactly thrilled or excited about it.

So I am going to cease writing for now..
I have to get away from my blog.
To start another awful search, for another awful job.

I would much rather have kept that last job to begin with.
It was great, except for the ex-in charge of me, guy.

Voicemails, ….shhhh I am listening to them.

That is one I just got,

For another job offer.


Author: Felicia Tihista

Die or live? If I love you and you love me, we die in love. If you do not love me and I do not love you, we live to die without love. The ones you love the most are dead and you won't forget they were alive. When this world is is gone forever. This world is not as beautiful a place as dreams are. You have to remember that you are loved even if you have no one here to share it with, who love you until it is done. Finished. All over with.

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